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9/15/2017 5:54 PM Categoria Prodotti

New Ultralight collection

The excellence of Ski Trab technology embodied in three models:  Maestro, Magico and Mistico are the ideal skis for the ski tourer who doesn’t want to compromise.

A consolidated concept with an aramid core and 14-layer composition mean maximum performance in descent, keeping the weight low without compromising the structural strength of the ski.

Technology and tradition ‘Made in Bormio’ are combined in the three models from the Ski Trab Ultralight line, for loyal customers the only change is a new look graphic

Here the ski collection

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9/15/2017 5:57 PM


When you combine the best athletes with a ski designed to meet their every need, the result is bound to be unbeatable!

The 2017 skialp season ended with Ski Trab athletes taking the highest step on a number of international podiums.

In the year of the World Cup the overall champions were Robert Antonioli and Laetitia  Roux!

But they were not alone, the Espoir trophy went to Federico “Chicco” Nicolini while in the women’s category Giulia Compagnoni had to ‘make do’ with second place.  The younger champions are following in the footsteps of their elders and Ski Trab is always at their side, so Davide Magnini and Giulia Murada were crowned Junior champions!

The Grande Course also provided many great results, with Laetitia champion yet again, what more do you need to know?

All Made in Bormio, the Ski Trab race line was designed with a simple, yet clear goal: to win!

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9/15/2017 5:55 PM Categoria Prodotti

Looking for a safety binding that weighs just 200g? It’s here!

A touring ski binding that is not just lightweight but also comfortable and reliable; frontal and lateral release with an elasticity of 43° to absorb shocks: Ski Trab has managed to combine all these features in just 203 grams and here you have the lightest binding with ski stopper on the market!

This is the Ski Trab research and development team’s greatest success to date!

A toe piece with a patented titanium spring, a choice of 3 heel springs (and release values), ski stopper with ultra-light, durable titanium forks  in three different lengths, an optional  carriage with a 3cm stroke length for a modular package able to satisfy the needs of any client!

The only one of it’s kind on the market.

Here the bindings page

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9/15/2017 5:58 PM

Aramid technology

One of the main strengths of Ski Trab is the construction of their skis and use of and innovative, high quality technology and materials.

The entire Ultralight line has an aramid core, a composite of synthetic fibres with an alveolar structure that generate the best ratio of lightness and strength on the market.  A material used in the construction of aerospace models, this honeycomb structure makes the ski lighter than its wooden ‘cousin’ while guaranteeing more stability when skiing.

The composition of the aramid ski, assembled by hand and combined with different, carefully selected, types of wood - 14 layers of technology ‘Made in Bormio’ - increases the quality of a product designed to reach unbeatable levels of performance and durability.

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