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11/30/2018 9:38 AM Categoria Prodotti

Here the new ski SUPERMAXIMO

Supermaximo is the ski that comes closest to our idea of pure fun! Attention in every details for the descent in order to provide a high performance ski that floats over deep powder. Thanks to the new Low Omega Profile, entry and exit out of the turn are well facilitated. The active progressive shape available in two different flex, 70 and 80, means that this ski is able to satisfy the requirements of any ski-tourer.

Made in Bormio, the ski is built using lightweight technology; 14 layer wrapped around a lightwood tech core.

A fun, yet lightweight ski!

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11/17/2018 9:30 AM Categoria Prodotti

TITAN GARA bindings: what else?


Just one word: Revolutionary! One simple component in titanium specially designed in its shape and structure links the two jaws in the toe unit.

This extremely simple mechanism offers a significant guarantee of functionality and reliability. The toe unit jaws can be opened  with a light pressure on the front lever, do it using your hand or one ski-pole.

Afterthat position your boot since the jaws-pins are at the same level of the holes on the side of the boot, then release the lever so that the jaws close locking the toe of the boot with the front-unit.

Rotate the lever upwards to block the opening of the jaws. This special elastic component in titanium permits the toe unit to adapt perfectly to all types of boots, guarantees that the boot remains fixed in place and with the help of some particularly well-finished and crafted pins it can clean out the boot-inserts during use.

One of the most-winning bindings in the last World Cup and La Grande Course editions thanks to its immediate and fast step-in system. Particularly appreciated for fast changes during the Sprint, Davide Magnini, Robert Antonioli, Laetitia Roux, Anton Palzer and Nicolò Canclini are just some of the top athletes who can’t give up using the “Titan”.

The graphic has been renewed for a more aggressive-style!

For a demanding and focused public as racers, 4 different U spring are available for its back unit: GARA TITAN WORLD CUP model is assembled with Titanium U-Spring and with its super competitive weight of 109,40 grams it’s one of the lightest bindings in race category. The classic model GARA TITAN can be assembled with three different steel U-Springs: 4 / 4,5 / 5.

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11/22/2018 9:45 AM Categoria Prodotti

New GARA HELMET: light and protective!


Maximum safety in just 280 grams for the GARA HELMET Ski Trab: double certification (mountaineering CE EN 12492 and downhill CE EN 1077-B) it’s approved by ISMF rules and it’s available in two different colors (light blue / black) and two sizes (S-M / L-XL). Made in polycarbonate with 6 holes Air ventilation system with removable padding and breathable antibacterial treatment.

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12/9/2018 11:10 AM Categoria Prodotti


Sprint and Aero headlamps
Two headlamps for guaranteed outdoor use - presenting the new sprint and aero lamps!
The sprint headlamp has a luminous flux of 800 lumen at maximum intensity (out of 4 levels) and a feather-light weight of just 86 g.  The advantage of the Sprint is the absence of the battery pack, it  can be recharged via micro-USB.  It has 2 hours of autonomy at 400 lumen and the detachable battery is 1.100 mAh.
The Aero headlamp goes up to 2,000 lumen, to guarantee maximum light range in all conditions, even for fast descents like ski touring races.  4 levels of intensity, weighs 267 g (including battery pack); lasts 3 hours at full power and IP66 rated waterproof.
Thanks to the Go-Pro supports, both headlamps can be mounted on a helmet, a headband or an elastic band.
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10/27/2017 5:52 PM Categoria Prodotti

Excellent performance in training as well as in competition: Introducing the new Power Cup!

When the research for a race model combines with the need for a more durable ski, the Power Cup is born; a new model in Ski Trab's race line. 

Maintaining the same structure as the World Cup ski, the biggest winner on the international circuit over the last few years, the new Power Cup differentiates itself due to its lightweight wood core, while staying at a competitive weight of 760g (for the 164cm length).  14 layers of pure technology and tortional strength thanks to a carbon fibre that wraps around the core of the ski, the base and edges further reinforced to guarantee even more durability: the perfect ski for races or training for a demanding competitive skier who is not just focused on weight but doesn't want to leave anything to chance!

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11/10/2017 6:30 PM Categoria Prodotti

Ski Trab Training Line: a complete package to train flat out!

If you race at a top level, training is everything! This is why Ski Trab has designed a complete line of products to meet the passionate skitourer’s needs, for those looking for speed and reliability even while training.

SCI POWER CUP: the wooden core and more stone-ground base and edges improve the efficiency of this high performance ski which is both steady and fast. The only compromise? It is just 45 grams heavier compared to the World Cup Flex 70!

TR RACE TITAN SKI BINDING: the same toe unit with one single titanium spring as its race binding ‘sibling’, but with a steel spring on the heel unit (rather than titanium) and 9 grams heavier. Same reliability with a cutting-edge toe unit with independent jaws, and a long lever to open and lock the boot tip quickly and easily with the help of a ski pole.

LIRACE SKI POLE: new graphics that recall the lines of the Power Cup, rubber grip with adjustable clip strap, a race basket to improve contact with the snow.

LITE PLUS RACE GLOVES: for skiers looking for versatile, breathable lycra gloves, featuring a wind-breaker cover and water-resistant leather on the palm; highly sensitive to allow handling on the snow even in cold weather.

 LITEPAD GRANDE COURSE BACKPACK: the new SKI TRAB line of backpacks has been completely redesigned, the 22L-capacity Grande Course backpack has been designed for long-distance training and races: battery pocket for night light, reinforced back panel, crampon pocket with Velcro strap that can be opened easily without having to take off the backpack, two water flask holders, side ski holders.

 ATTIVO HELMET: weighing only 210 grams it is the lightest of the SKI TRAB collection: CE EN 12492 approved ski touring helmet, available in two colours: black and light blue.


 LIRACE HEADLAMP: with a light output of 800 lumens! Ultralight 86-gram lamp, no battery pack, USB-rechargeable, 2-hour run time at 400 lumens!




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12/14/2017 3:32 PM Categoria Prodotti


When things get tough... only the best will do!

The Ski Trab race package is designed to satisfy the requirements of elite athletes, as well as amateurs in search of perfection.

Our World Cup ski combines 14 layers of technology and detailed research during the manufacturing process for a lightweight, high performance ski with guaranteed durability.  It is available in three versions, a ladies ski, a flex 60 and a flex 70, and for years has been the most used ski in international races, and the most successful, just look to last year double World Cup victory by Laetitia Roux and Robert Antonioli.  All this Made in Bormio!

The TR-Titan World Cup binding is the most high performance and lightweight of the Titan line; with a toe piece that is highly innovative  but already winning medals thanks to our international athletes, with independent jaws and a single titanium spring that offers flexibility and strength and a heel piece, again with titanium spring, for a total weight of 109g.

Vertical Carbon poles with cork handle, race version and 100% carbon for a weight of 160g, lightweight and strong!

The Gara helmet is a must have in ISMF races and where certification for both mountaineering and alpine skiing is necessary:  280g in weight, with 6 vents and available in two sizes.

The new World Cup backpack draws on experience from the last few years: back protection, a crampon holder which is comfortable when wearing the backpack, a battery pocket, and a bladder bag section, it holds 18 litres and weighs 290g for a functional backpack for any race or training session.

Race skins offering excellent glide and grip, 100% mohair for when speed is priority!

Race suit, also available in two pieces, with avalanche transceiver pocket, in men’s and women’s versions.  Windproof jacket and over-trousers complete the Ski Trab clothing package.

Race shovel and carbon probe for lightweight safety!

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