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12/4/2018 7:23 PM Categoria Prodotti


Making lightweight skis that are both extremely durable and provide high torsion rigidity is not a simple task. Ski Trab, thanks to construction materials knowledge, realizes this goal in creating GARA AERO, our top skis with ARAMID CORE technology. INSIDE these products we put kevlar aramid, a composite honeycomb material used in the aerospace industry, which has unique lightness and strength characteristics, paired with two rigid wooden sides to guarantee our skis a unique torsion rigidity in the market. The skis made with an aramid core guarantee high performance and very pleasant skiing sensations both for the advanced skier and for the athlete who seeks a high response from the materials.

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9/15/2017 3:59 PM Categoria Sport

New collection 2018/19

Discover the interesting new Ski Trab cross-country ski collection for winter 2017/18

Click here to see the new duo skin skis, both race and team comp editions!


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9/15/2017 4:02 PM Categoria Prodotti

New duo skin technology for cross-country skis from Ski Trab

Ski Trab, ski touring specialists and experts in climbing skins, have applied their knowledge to cross-country skiing, creating skis with excellent glide and grip.

Two different models have been introduced, the Duo Skin Aero race ski and the Duo Skin Team Comp ski.

Apart from the difference in construction (the race ski has an aramid core, while the team comp ski uses liwood technology), the quality and the length of the skin inserts vary in order to satisfy all types of skier.

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11/21/2018 11:44 AM Categoria Prodotti


There are many features that make a ski fast. Ski Trab puts a lot of energy to discover these characteristics. In addition to study of chemical compositions of the bases that we have to produce from the world leader in this industry, we have understood that it is the care of the processing of the base, in addition to its bonding, that determines the speed of ski. Therefore, in order to make our skis more flowy, we paste the bases using low temperature bonding in order not to compromize the molecular structures of the polymers used in the production of the bases. Once applied, we work with 20 successive steps but we always keep the temperatures of the materials very low so as not to compromise the quality. All this represents GLIDING TECH, the technological process that Ski Trab has defined to increase the fluency of the skis and make them faster and faster.

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