SKI TRAB started up thanks to Giacomo Trabucchi’s intuition and enthusiasm. Trabucchi made his first solid wooden skis in 1946. The SKI TRAB factory is based in Bormio, a renowned skiing resort, boasting a tradition of professionals and champions given to the world of sport. Since its beginning there has always been a constant and natural contact with mountain experts. 


SKI TRAB skis are designed, developed, manufactured and tested in our factory in Bormio. All ski prototypes and moulds are hand-made at SKI TRAB using advanced technology that allows immediate physical, structural and dynamic testing in our world class laboratory.
Our greatest challenge was to redesign the ski, enrich its genetic code, using innovative technology so it can be, simply, better. The aim is ease of skiing, not just a reduction in weight. With 14 layers, progressive flex, an aramid core, ATTIVO shock absorber, DUO tail and
combining reliability and scrupulous attention to detail, these skis are the jewel in SkI TRAB’s crown: a mix of skilled craftsmanship and scientific research.


Our Passion for innovation and the extremely high quality technology required to carry out our projects make it is essential for us to stay ahead of the curve technologically, both in terms of the machines used during the production process and the execution capability of our staff.
A 14-layer structure, cores made from a complex mosaic of wood and aramid, active shock absorber, inlays in the base, are just some of the production processes which during the assembly phase require a great deal of ability and a specialist technical background.
The finishing and quality control phases also require just as much attention, technology and skilled manpower. Reliability and an obsessive attention to detail are what set us apart; at SKI TRAB craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology move forward together in an unending search
for improvement.


At SKI TRAB each ski undergoes a detailed and systematic quality assurance process that monitors quality through each individual phase of production. 
SKI TRAB has taken great care in training its staff in the methods and understanding of quality assurance and how important it is to build quality into every aspect of our skis. Every SKI TRAB ski is built with pride and attention to detail and is individually initialled by the team that built it.


Bormio it’s not simply the mountain village in Italy where Skitrab products are manufacted. “Made in Bormio“ is a statement that symbolizes a product that was designed, developed and manufacted by a company and people that are active experts in big mountain and backcountry skiing. All the skitrab products are based on experience, expertise and knowledge we have developed by quite 70 years of skiing, living and working in the snow. Skitrab understands the sport, spirit and culture of skiing and we live it every day. We invite you to join us in the backcountry and to share the experience of skiing on the best skis in the world.