Gay Aurélien

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Gay Aurélien

Auto Presentation

I was born in Levron a small Village in the Swiss Alps close to the ski resort of Verbier. That's why I practice th ski since child. I played football until I tried the ski mountaineering.


I love to be in thee fresh air up in the mountains and also cycling with my friends

Incoming Projects

The next skimo season I will be part of the Junior category so I will fight to do some good results in the World Cup.

Outout Of Seasons Training

In Spring and Summer my training is to do the running, cycling and mountain biking. (my coach makes me plans that are varied between each activity)


World Cup 60 and the Titan WC.

Automain Results

2016 I was selected in the Swiss National Team and my principal results are: 2016 : European Championship : 3rd place individual race / cadet " : 5th place sprint race / cadet 2017 : World Championships : 1st place individual race / cadet " : 1st place sprint race / cadet " : 1st place relay race/ jung " : 2nd place vertical race / cadet