Jakob Herrmann

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Jakob Herrmann

Auto Presentation

I was born in Vienna and at the age of three my family moved to a small village in the mountains south of Salzburg called Werfenweng. Ever since I was a little child I’ve loved the mountains. My mum took me hiking and created the best surrounding for my future carreer. Together we spent a lot of time in the nature and on the mountains.


When it comes to sports, the most important thing for me is that you really like what you’re doing. I love spending time in the mountains enjoying the beautiful landscapes and just having fun in the nature. Furthermore I like cooking and baking for my family and friends. I’ve always been interested in nutrition and the influence it has on one’s body and soul.

Incoming Projects

My goal for the next season is reaching the podium in the Grande Course races Pierra Menta, Tour du Rutor and Patrouille de Glacier. I am always looking forward to these races because they are the most beautiful and challenging races for a skimountaineerer. Furthermore it would be great to be among the top 5 in the World Cup and European Championship – both Individual and Vertical.

Outout Of Seasons Training

My off-season training is very simple: I try to spend as much time as possible in the mountains trailrunning, hiking and flying or riding my bike. I always have fun training and I never have to force myself. When I am full of energy and motivation I train more and in case I am tired I simply do less.


In the race I use the World Cup Flex 70 with the Titan Release WC and for Verticals the World Cup Sprint with the Titan Release WC. In my spare time I use the Maestro. I love this ski in combination wtih the TR-2 binding for the perfect downhill fun. I also use SkiTrab poles, comfort and stability are perfect for all conditions. To be perfectly equiped I wear SkiTrab gloves (Guanto Aero Lite and Guanto Maximo for cold races/training) because they are very comfortable and they fit perfectly. To protect my head I use the Casco Gara since I like the comfort and weight.