Different styles, one goal: Emotion & Control

After the success of the Ultralight line, Ski Trab presents the new Adventure collection 2020/21. The Ortles, Stelvio and Gavia skis are designed to turn more easily in difficult snow conditions, and enhance the skills of the skier in favourable conditions.

The new line follows in the footsteps of the superior models Maestro.2 and Magico.2, but have a LIWOOD core and different flex patterns.

Ortles: A high-performance ski with high torsional rigidity for skiers that want maximum performance in descent, especially on steep, icy terrain.


Stelvio: A classic all-rounder, available in two widths. Highly reliable and able to adapt to various conditions. 



Gavia: A 'softer' version of the Stelvio, ideal for those looking for a more flexible ski which is easier to use. Suitable for lighter skiers.