ISMF World Cup: Overall Trophy back on #skitrabber!

ISMF World Cup: Overall Trophy back on #skitrabber!

ISMF World Cup: the Overall Trophy is still for #skitrabber!

Robert Antonioli, after the success of 2017 and the second place in 2018, is the new King of the World Cup! After a stop in Albosaggia thanks to Michele Boscacci (now 3rd), the Trophy is back in Alta Valtellina and Italians are always leading the Overall. The combination Made in Bormio-concept and the athletes coming from this valley are from the beginning of the Skimo-Race history synonymous of winning!

The great season for the team #skitrabgara is confirmed on the Overall podium with Anton Palzer from Germany and Michele Boscacci (La Sportiva / Trab)!

In the ladies, important 5th place for the Swiss Marianne Fatton, at her first season with the Senior.

The Espoir category has been leaded by Giulia Murada, in the first season Espoir with the 4th place of Ilaria Veronese; in the men Davide Magnini (with Titan bindings) is the leader and Maximilien Drion and Arno Lietha just out of the podium.

First places even in the Junior where Ekaterina Osichkina (Russia) and Aurèlien Gay (Swiss) confirmed their leadership: second place for Samantha Bertolina and Giovanni Rossi (LaSpo/Trab).

Full of success even in the disciplines with Giovanni Rossi, Ekaterina Osichkina, Davide Magnini, Giulia Murada and Robert Antonioli leader in the Individual, in the Vertical the Russian Lady, Magnini, Giulia Murada and Victoria Kreuzer are the best of the season where in Sprint we had in the top Ekaterina, Arno Lietha (Espoir) and Marianne Fatton (Senior).

On 72 trophy, Ski Trab in the Season 2018/19 is on the top 38 times!

Photo Credit: ISMF / SportDiMontagna