Adèle Milloz

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Adèle Milloz

Auto Presentation

"I was born in the mountain near Tignes, Savoie. I grew up in a small village where we were obliged to go down to ski to be able to take the school bus and in the evening to go up with skins or snowshoe. It will be my first season in the Ski Trab Family as a ski mountaineer and it's so great!


Fresh air, mountains sports (alpinism, climbing, cycling, running, ...)

Incoming Projects

"My goal is to be part of the national team and make good results! on the world cup circuit."

Out Of Seasons Training

"After the winter I like to go climbing in the hot countries to make a pose with the competition season. In the summer I do a lot of mountaineering and when I can I like to put my skis in July or August !"

Automain Results

2016/2017 : - 3rd at the World Cup Overall (Espoir) - 9th Senior at overall - 1st Espoir at general Sprint ranking - 2nd Espoir at general Individual ranking - 3rd Espoir at overall - 1st at the Individual and team race (with Laetitia) at the olympic military winter games in Sotchi"