Alessandra Schmid

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Alessandra Schmid

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I am from Fiesch, a small village in the heart of the Swiss Alps. I was growing up with alpine ski racing. Two years ago I started with skimo because a friend asked me if I wanted to do the « Patrouilles des Glaciers »with her and I was really excited to face a new challenge. Very quickly I fell in love with this sport. Last year was my first World Cup Season and therefore also the first season with the Swiss National Team.


I love being in the mountains and exploring new places, taking pictures and traveling to different places. And if I am not outside you will find me experimenting in the kitchen!

Incoming Projects

Taking part at “Grand Course” races like Pierra Menta etc.. And of course good results at the World Cup races.

Out Of Seasons Training

I like to alternate my trainings as much as possible. In the Summer I am doing lots of trail running /uphill running, road cycling and climbing. In the Winter I like to do some cross country skiing besides skimo.


Ski Trab Aero Gara WC Skis, a light and solid Ski, with Flex 60, perfect for women!