Bård Smestad

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Bård Smestad

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Hello, I’m Bård. Bård is my name. It has the same pronunciation as bored. Hello, I’m bored! And that makes sort of sense, because I’m always looking for adventure. I started walking when I was nine moths old. Soon I was running around, could not sit still, my mother says. Three years old I rode away on my tricycle and was found kilometers away from home. Still riding my bike. I loved to be on the move and still do. I live in Trondheim. A city in Trøndelag county, Norway. I work as a software developer and spend most of my spare time in the great outdoors. I love the nature that we have in Norway. Over the years I have done lot of outdoor sports: running, cross-country skiing, orienteering, ski-orienteering, mountain-biking, climbing and adventure-racing. In 1996 I went on my first real skiing adventure. Using some kind of telemark-equipment, free-heeling. I and a friend of mine went to one of the most epic mountains on the west-coast of Norway, Slogen. A big challenge for us. We reached the top, but did not dare to ski down. Later that year I watched a snowboarder on TV riding his way down a huge mountain. That is how I want ride my way down a mountain - I said to my self. So, I went snowboarding for 12 years. I could finally enjoy Slogen. Riding down, all the way from the top. Making big turns in good snow. I got this sensational feeling of happiness. It was as if I had won a big competition or something similar. I was hooked. Some years later some friends of mine doing orienteering was trying out a new sport called ski-mountaineering. They had lots of fun! I wanted to join them. And to be able to compete in this sport I bought my first lightweight skis. I was quite fit so the uphill was OK. But the downhill was pain. I got my first pair of SkiTrab in 2010 and felt I could start enjoying the downhill on skis, even during races.

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Skiing got me to new places. New mountains and new adventures. Soon I was looking for skiing adventures all year. I’m known for being the guy who is on the spot where the first good snow is to be found early in the winter-season. And continues doing that all winter. I love to show people what you can do in the beautiful nature of Norway. Any season of the year. I take pictures, write about my trips and hope to inspire others to go out and challenge themselves. Not only every holiday or every weekend. Every day, evening and night can be used to get this sensational feeling of happiness when you ride a line or push yourself a little.


SkiTrab skis are perfect for small and big adventures. SkiTrab skis are perfect if you want to get out there after working hours. SkiTrab skis are perfect if you want to reach a dream line far out into the wilderness. Perfect for the uphill and perfect for the downhill. Favourite skis: Magico - fun and trustworthy on any conditions.

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Home page: www.multiadventures.net Pictures credits: Christian Nerdrum Sindre Haverstad