Hans-Inge Klette

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Hans-Inge Klette

Auto Presentation

I have done cross country skiing my whole life, and also a lot of skitouring. Two years ago i got my first skimo racing skies, and since that skimo has been my biggest passion.


I love to train and to work towards a goal. Being able to do it in the nature just makes it better. A perfect training session for me is skiing powder in the woods at home or a long trip on steep montains

Incoming Projects

The next season i will focus on the world cup, and hopefully do all the races. I will also do some longer races if possible, like pierra menta and PDG.

Out Of Seasons Training

In the summer i like to do a lot of different activities. I run, road bike, mountainbike, roller ski and climb.


For racing I use the world cup 70 ski with the titan wc binding. A perfect setup for me, reliable and it skies really well. For training I also use maestro ski when the conditions are good. I also use skitrab gloves, backpack and helmet. All three are very comfortable and they work really well.