Jin Yubo

Auto Presentation

Yubo JIN, 32 years old, living in Shenyang (China). Professional athletic and marathoner since the age of 18. Practicing ski mountaineering since 2009.


I like mountains and snow, if i could i would ski every day of the year. It makes me feel great, in peace with myself.

Incoming Projects

My greatest goal is to help the promotion of ski mountaineering sport in my Country (China). I'm joining international competitions every year, with the hope to let Chinese to know more and more about this wonderful sport. I hope ski mountaineering will become a winter olympic discipline at Milano-Cortina 2026, in which i have the dream to represent China.

Out Of Seasons Training

Running, Cycling, Roller Skiing


The Gara Worldcup 60 is my favorite. It's definitely the best ski for competition. I also love Magico when i want to enjoy pure powder snow in the western mountains of China.