Johanna Åström

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Johanna Åström

Auto Presentation

I'm a 25 year old girl from Sweden who lives in the Norwegian mountains. I moved to Norway to gain access to the exellent training opportunities available here for skimo and trail running. I'm a curious girl who loves adventure and challenges. I bought my first skimo skis in the winter of 2017 and immediately fell in love with this sport!


I love being outside in the mountains both in summer and winter. When I'm not running or skiing, I really like to cooking food and bake cinnamon buns!

Incoming Projects

My main goal is to have fun! I still feel pretty new in this sport. I want to continue to learn and take new steps forward. The focus this winter is on the World Cup, the World Championchip and Pierra Menta.

Out Of Seasons Training

During the summer I train and compete in trail running. I think it's fun to have two sports. Trail running and skimo are quite similar sports. Both sports benefit from each other. The training you do on skis during the winter, lays a good foundation for the summer and and vice versa!


Ski Trab Aero Gara WC Skis - I really like those skiis. They are light uphill and give a nice feeling when you skiing downhill.

Automain Results

1st (espoir), ISMF World Cup 2018 – Vertical Race, Font Blanca 3rd, ISMF World Cup 2019 – Vertical Race, Disentis 4th, 5th and 5th, ISMF World Championships 2019 – Vertical Race, Team Race, Individual Race, Villars Sur Ollon