Laetitia Roux

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Laetitia Roux

Auto Presentation

I'm 33 years old, I grow up in Savines le lac, Hautes-Alpes (France). Then I moved a lot in order to find the best conditions to train. Now, I'm back to Savines le lac, the best place ever! I've been professional skimo athlete as military woman for 7 years (2011-2018) and I spent 10 years in the French Team (2008-2018).


First of all I'm a nature lover. Outdoor sports are my drug and mountain my cocoon. I like living intensively! Life is a gift! I'm excited to discover more about its.

Incoming Projects

I decided to stop racing the world cups because I manage to reach all my goals in this environment. Now, I want to live and discover other facets of life even if I'm not planning to stop racing and training but I wanna take more time for my personal life. I'm changing a bit my vision and my habits. I have the ambition to live skimo, mtb and mountain in a different way, less focus on the performance and more on the adventure side and human relationships.

Out Of Seasons Training

I do mainly MTB now but road bike, weight training and running as well. I used to do some roller-ski sessions in fall in the past but it's becoming rare. I'm travelling more and more in summer. It is something I really enjoy.


The Gara Aero WC + the binding Gara Titan are my package to race. I've used Ski Trab gear for 10 years. I wanna feel safe and in confidence with my skis and my bindings to be able to ski my best ski and have no doubts about material. When I go for fun I use the Maestro, my favorite and for rare freeride session the Maximo. The new model Gavia76 makes my skiing more fun!