liwood air flex

A revolutionary profile which improves ease of turning and grip when the skis is flat. A unique profile possible only thanks to the multi-layer construction which guarantees strenght even when the core of the ski becomes progressively thinner towards the ends. This means that the tip and the tail of the skis are more flexible only at the very end, making the ski easier to control while in no way compromising either the lateral grip of the edge which has an increased continuity of contact with the ground, or torsional rigidity. The softer tips aid float and centrality while skiing, the excellent torsional rigidity iad perfect control of the skis.

Thanks to their 14-layer construction and with the help of a particular technology, the tip of our skis allows fluid, progressive turns, never leaving the surface of the snow, while at the same time avoiding influencing the action of the skier. This is only possible thanks to a careful reduction of the tip and the tail of the core of the ski, obtaining a flex variation that increases the closer you get to the centre. This is done without compromising the torsional rigidity which remains at the highest level thanks to the combination of technologies that make the 14 -layer construction possible.