Low Omega Profile

The new technology “Low Omega Profile” creates a variable longitudinal profile in order to better modulate the flex of the ski. On the outside of the ski it is lowered in the areas where it is necessary to increase the flex in order to improve manoeuvrability, while in others it reinforces torsional stiffness and holding power for better stability and edge grip. It improves steering, entry into and closing of the turn, as well as reducing the weight of the skis.


Thanks to their 14-layer construction and with the help of a particular technology, the tip of our skis allows fluid, progressive turns, never leaving the surface of the snow, while at the same time avoiding influencing the action of the skier. This is only possible thanks to a careful reduction of the tip and the tail of the core of the ski, obtaining a flex variation that increases the closer you get to the centre. This is done without compromising the torsional rigidity which remains at the highest level thanks to the combination of technologies that make the 14 -layer construction possible.