Marianne Fatton

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Marianne Fatton

Auto Presentation

Ever since I was a kid, I have seen my parents training hard for some mythic races like « PDG » . When they were talking about their competitions, I could see stars in their eyes. Therefore it became my dream also to follow their lifestyle. I could never imagine that I could join once the Swiss ski mountaineering national team and race international competitions! And even less that I would win the 2015, respectively 2017, Junior and U23 World Championship in sprint event. Now I’m sure about one thing: you should never say « never » and follow your biggest dream, even as it seems impossible!


Mountain is my second home and gives me feelings, which go straight to my heart. A day without mountains or sport is similar to a birthday without a birthday cake. For my recovery, fortunately it rains sometimes!

Incoming Projects

My biggest dream ever is to have fun at « Patrouille des Glaciers » with good friends and get the win in addition. Otherwise I'd like to be in the same shape as last season for the next one.

Out Of Seasons Training

During summer, I love to travel and train in new places or mountains. My favourite summer sport is mountain running and i compete in some popular competitions in my region and meet lots of my sport friends there.


The ski« Gara Aero World cup Woman » for competitions is the best deal between lightness and robustness. In addition, I’m entirely fulfilled with the « Tr-Gara Titan WC » bindings, mainly because of the special system that allows me to be extremely fast at changes, especially in sprint races where each second is so precious. Further, I already had the chance to test the new Power Cup ski and I can’t wait to test it on next winter trainings!

Automain Results

Overall World Champion 2020