Marta Garcia

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Marta Garcia

Auto Presentation

I'm 25 years old and all my life I have gone to the mountains, walking, climbing, riding or skiing. My family love mountains and they have transmitted this to me. I started to practise ski alpinisme when I was 14 and with 18 years old I ran my first skimo competition.


I love nature and especially the mountains. Practice sports, like running, cycling or skiing, it's a good excuse to be there.

Incoming Projects

Being able to perform on top level in all ski mountaineering World Cup competitions, especially in sprint races. Will I be able to win a Wold Cup sprint race?

Out Of Seasons Training

In summer I like to train with multiple sports, such as road bike, mountain bike, running and ski roll. I think all sports give you a different benefit. Moreover I do some gim and weight routines.


Ski Gara Aero World Cup WMN, is fantastic!

Automain Results

3rd place Sprint World Cup, 5th place Overall World Cup 2017, 4th place Sprint World Champinoship 2017, 2nd place sprint European Championship 2016