Noé Rogier

Auto Presentation

I lives in the french alps, in the heart of Haute Tarentaise valley. Since my youngest age I spend the most part of my time in moutain. I started the skimo when I was 16 years old and step by step, I take more and more pleasure to train in this huge playground. I’m a nature lover.


Being in mountains, do skimo and running are my favors hobbies. Also I enjoy pick up mushrooms and blueberries ;)

Incoming Projects

For the next season, my goals is to continue to progess on the world cup juniors circuit. In the few years, I would like to be in the top level mundial and win greats races. An another point, keep to take pleasure is also very important for me.

Out Of Seasons Training

Out of the season, principally I running with the Team Matryx. I practise cycling... So mountains sports generally.


I use for the individuals the Gara Aero World Cup 60. For the sprints and the Vertical I use Gara Aero Sprint. I have always skied with Ski trab and for me I think is the best skis.

Automain Results

My mains results were in 2019/20. A 4th place at the Sprint of World cup in Aussois 2019 and a 6th during the sprint of World cup in Berchtesgaden.