Raoul Crettenand

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Raoul Crettenand

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I was born in 1978 in Martigny, in Wallis and I grew up there. Now, with my family, we have our base camp at the base of the Trient mountains. (at the east of Mont-Blanc range) I did my first ski-touring trips and rock-climbing adventure with my 2 sisters. Then I was active with the Swiss Alpine Club. As the guides of this club were examples for me, they gave me the virus to make it my job. After a lumberjack apprenticeship, I finished the exams to be mountain-guide in 2002 Since 19 years now, I’m happy when I can share great moments of mountaineering with my client. Either by ski during the winter or by foot during the summer.


Passing to my two little girls this passion for mountaineering. Cleaning rock and making new climbing-routes. Ski-touring

Incoming Projects

Doing my job as Mountain Guide as long as I can. Climbing with the family.

Out Of Seasons Training

Rock climbing and cheese raclette


Ortles and Titan Vario 2, and one of the future fat skis