Vegard Øie

Auto Presentation

As a Norwegian cross country skiing have been a big part of my life when It comes to winter activities. Actually, it is only two years ago I bought my first skimo race skis! For the moment I live in the inland of Norway. That means long and good winters, but there is no mountains. So I do a lot of looping when I’m home!


I really like to train in the nature and the contrast the seasons give. That means both runs on a nice trail in the woods and more technically terrain in the mountains. The best workout is early in the morning in winter when the sun rises and the snow is good.

Incoming Projects

The world cup races will be my main focus for the upcoming season(s). If the grand course races fit my schedule that for sure will be fun to race as well.

Out Of Seasons Training

In summer, I mostly run. Cycling and roller skiing work as alternative training on bigger weeks and when my legs doesn’t feel fresh.


For racing and training I use the World Cup 60 & 70 with the exceptional Titan WC binding. A perfect combination for going fast both uphill and downhill. I also use the Gara helmet and the Skitrab backpack. Both the helmet and the backpacks are very comfy and functional!